Blueberry Muffin and Positive Thinking - muffin on a plate

Power of Positive Thinking and A Blueberry Muffin

By Liz Weaver, Paprika Creative | Jun 24, 2021

Each morning I start with my coffee and oat milk (lots of) and a frozen blueberry muffin. I lather my lil' toasted muffin with lots of butter 🙂 the good stuff! The funny thing is the little muffin is my biggest unknown of the morning – how many blueberries will be there once I cut…

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Vital Farms Chicken in Field

Creative Ways to Help Your Customers Get to Know You

By Liz Weaver, Paprika Creative | Apr 28, 2021

Create a Greater Connection with Your Audience Have you met Mellow Marcy, Talented Tiffany, Tenacious Tonya, or Jaunty Judith? Well, if you haven't in my opinion you are missing out. Mellow Marcy, Talented Tiffany, Tenacious Tonya, and Jaunty Judith are all Vital Farms free-range chickens! These happy chicks provide eggs to people across the US.…

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Website Maintenance Plans Paprika Creative

Why You Need a Website Maintenance Plan

By Liz Weaver, Paprika Creative | Apr 17, 2021

If you are already saying to yourself I don't need this or why would I spend more money monthly on my website, I know where you are coming from. I'm one of those people who like to save money where I can. I'm a “Do-It-Yourself” or better said “Figure-It-Out-Yourself” kinda person. In this case, I…

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Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter to Me

By Liz Weaver, Paprika Creative | Jun 9, 2020

I don't know if I'll say it the right way. I hope that it helps you to see me and what I stand for clearly. How can I do better as a person and as a business? What steps can I take to make a bigger difference, to make change happen? It's overwhelming. I've been…

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MailChimp Login Screen

A MailChimp Tip for Getting More Email Opens

By Liz Weaver, Paprika Creative | May 12, 2020

This tip came from a client who accidentally came across this “hidden” setting. I say hidden because it is only available on MailChimp's mobile app. (hmm why would they do that?) After you send an email campaign and you see that a disappointing percentage of people that did not open your email you worked so…

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Lastpass Password Manager Screenshot

If You Aren't Using a Password Protector Be Warned

By Liz Weaver, Paprika Creative | May 1, 2020

Last weekend a client with a business that's currently relying on their website for online ordering during the COVID-19 crisis sent a panic text. “Our website is down and we can't get any orders! Help!” Yes, it's as if your water and electricity were cut off in your brick and mortar store. After investigating it…

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Sell and List Your Products On Google for FREE

By Liz Weaver, Paprika Creative | Apr 23, 2020

During the COVID-19 it has been awesome to see what the big companies are doing to support small businesses. Paypal lets you transfer your money instantly to your account for no fee. And now as of April 21, Google announced that it's free to sell your products on Google. This is huge for smaller businesses…

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Best Hosting Company Flywheel Website Hosting

Start With the Right Website Hosting

By Liz Weaver, Paprika Creative | Apr 28, 2019

It happens all the time. You want to get a website up for your business. The first step – choose a domain and hosting company. Your goal is to get the most affordable/cheapest solution. Okay, this is exactly where the story starts to go downhill. But “You” do. Yes, the ads are tempting and their…

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fcb interior 2

Book Design and Layout

By Liz Weaver, Paprika Creative | Jan 19, 2018

Coffee Table Style Books on Military History FCB Associates, author Cliff Berry, was given the task to create a coffee-style book for the Associaton of the United States Army. Having worked with Cliff Berry on several projects in the past it was a big project ahead. Cliff, with a military background, was excellent and keeping…

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