Building Your Business on Subjects

As the seasons start to change her in Colorado, I get a sense of the fall crunch or the impeding new year just around the corner. I think what have I accomplished this year and what can squeeze more in.

Maybe that’s because so many parents are getting their kids ready for the school year. I’ve been busy helping my daughter with the requirements for a CNA class she’s taking as part of her senior year. For one class it was a long list of requirements (vaccines, CPR class, and more).

It’s pretty amazing to think about how different school is these days. The opportunities available to this generation are so much more than what we had!

Though, do you remember “shop” class?

Do they still do this anywhere anymore? I thought we learned important life skills I still use today.

A couple of projects that stick out in my mind: to take apart a simple lawn mower engine and use a table saw to make a little box with a lid out of popular wood. Oh, and of course we all made ashtrays to bring home – haha what was that!

So yeah it’s a good thing some things do change.

Anyhow back to what I was saying.

Getting my daughter ready for school has me thinking about what my fall “semester” could look like with my business and life. If I approach the fall like the start of a new school year I could be so much more productive by compartmentalizing my goals into “classes” so to speak.

So what would that look like?

Let’s see for me this is what I would/will take:

  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • English
  • Technology
  • Processes
  • Home Economics
  • Gym

*Note to self: Don’t forget to schedule time off — school gets breaks and days off too!

Class descriptions:

Review all finances such as subscriptions, monthly bills, yearly bills, and schedule time to review all accounts for transactions – incoming and outgoing. Learn how to budget and set goals.

I’m particularly excited about this class! My bookkeeper added a monthly meeting as a service and wowzers it has really opened my eyes to my finances. I’ll go into more detail next newsletter with tips I’ve learned and how to set goals.

Making time to market my own company. I tend to be the last one I think about.

Writing for this newsletter as well as my blog, Linkedin, and possibly Medium. As well as reading! From books for pleasure but also the several books on my desk for business.

Set goals on learning new technology. This is one of my favorite classes!

I need to drill down in this “class” to save time. From proposals, contracts, client documents, etc. It seems to be neverending.

Home Economics:
Why is meal planning so challenging! This is not my area of expertise and seems to just get more overwhelming as the years go by. Hope it’s a good teacher! ?

I need to get back to making exercise a priority. I’ve done a bit of prep work in the last week! ?

What would your schedule look like? Or should I say WILL look like?

I’m going to take my list and go into more detail and break it down for myself to set my goals and intentions for the fall.

Try it and have fun with it!

Just think the world is your oyster and believe me these kids have a lot of fun classes! Maybe you want to take an art class or jewelry making? Heck, they have skiing as a class! I wish I could go back to college! — and no not for a master’s degree (hats off to all that have!!!)