Creative Ways to Help Your Customers Get to Know You

Vital Farms Chicken in Field

Create a Greater Connection with Your Audience Have you met Mellow Marcy, Talented Tiffany, Tenacious Tonya, or Jaunty Judith? Well, if you haven’t in my opinion you are missing out. Mellow Marcy, Talented Tiffany, Tenacious Tonya, and Jaunty Judith are all Vital Farms free-range chickens! These happy chicks provide eggs to people across the US.…

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Black Lives Matter to Me

Black Lives Matter

I don’t know if I’ll say it the right way. I hope that it helps you to see me and what I stand for clearly. How can I do better as a person and as a business? What steps can I take to make a bigger difference, to make change happen? It’s overwhelming. I’ve been…

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