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There are so many ways we can connect with our audiences. Why not make it extraordinary!


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Are you ready! For starters, this is me.

Maybe you know me personally? If you don't you will soon enough!

I'm an optimist, positive, transparent, love to laugh, dance for hours (not very good at it but it's fun!), happy to throw on a wig to add to the party, and a people person. Wow, that sounded like a dating profile! Haha! I often laugh at myself, can't help it! I'm married, two adult daughters (going in the nursing field - so proud!), and a 12-pound Boston terrier that has me trained to do what she wants.

I'm not here to sugarcoat who I am or what I do. I'll share how I got to where I am today with my business and life. My hunger for what’s new with marketing, technology, innovation, is ever-growing. I'll be sprinkling my newsletter with wit and storytelling.

Won’t you join me as I share my journey to share the amazing ways I connect with my audience?

I promise you it won't be boring! My second newsletter introduced Jaunty Judith, Tenacious Tonya, Talented Tiffany, and Mellow Marcy.

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