Why You Need a Website Maintenance Plan

If you are already saying to yourself I don’t need this or why would I spend more money monthly on my website, I know where you are coming from.

I’m one of those people who like to save money where I can. I’m a “Do-It-Yourself” or better said “Figure-It-Out-Yourself” kinda person.

In this case, I would think about a few things: Do you update your computer when it says you should? Do you do the updates on your phone when it says you should or starts to act wonky? You may put both of things off because you are busy for a few weeks but then you know you should – who wants either of these things to get hacked or stop working, or possibly end up having to call the “GEEK SQUAD” to fix it.

In the case of your website, it’s as important to keep it updated. It’s like your computer or phone in multiple ways. With the one big exception – it’s not as simple as “Update Now”.

Here are a few reasons you should keep your website updated:

  1. Security
  2. Maintain Functionality
  3. Improvements to Functions
  4. SEO: Your Site Health can Affect your searchability
  5. Plugins may stop working and you’ll need a new solution/new plugin
  6. I’ll say it again — SECURITY

Here are a few reasons why you should pay an expert to maintain your site:

  • Which plugins to update and which ones not to
  • Understands what to do if a plugin fails to update
  • How to get around the files through SFTP
  • If a plugin no longer works how to find a solution or plugin to replace it with*
  • Child Theme vs Parent Theme
  • How to Handle Security Issues
  • Review Hosting Accounts

Now for the “Do-It-Yourself”/”Figure-It-Out-Yourself” person, you are thinking why should I pay for a maintenance plan. Here are a few questions to ask yourself:

  • Do you know how to get to your FTP and update your plugins?
  • Would you know what to do if you get the white screen of death?
    Think about it this way –  your store or business is now closed for online business while your site is down.
  • Would you be able to fix the plugin that causes your site to go down when you updated it?
  • Do you really need to use your resources to do updates? Vs focus on the parts of the business you are an expert in?
  • Would you sleep better knowing you don’t have to worry about your website?

Contact me today to learn more about my WordPress website maintenance plans. I have a few different plans depending on your website and needs.