School Website design for a multi-sensory private school in Bethesda, Maryland

Website Design

Donation Forms

Web Development


Extensive Online School Application and Registration

Website Success

Increased # of Applicants

Simplified Application Process: less paperwork, phone calls, emails

Improved the Online Brand of the School

Increased Online Donations

Increased Online Traffic

The Diener School is a private multi-sensory school located in Potomac, Maryland. The school brings in students from Virginia, Maryland and the District of Columbia. They teach grades k-6th grade and expanding to middle school in the fall of 2020.

The Diener School was a current client. I was editing and maintaining the site on a monthly basis for the past couple of years. But as the school was adding new content and had growth goals for the following year (2020), it was obvious the site was not something that was going to be easy to update as is. The look and feel did not match the quality of education and mission of the school. And we made the decision to also give it an overhaul "under the hood" so to speak (the theme and development).

The new website design incorporated:

  • updated photography
  • new UI (user experience)
  • new navigation/pages to make it easier for the visitor to find content and understand the mission of the school
  • a new online application process, including an automatic email for teacher recommendations, automatic pdf of parent signatures, parents could upload photos and important forms directly to the school, collect application fees thru the online form

A success: Because of these changes the school has seen a large increase in applicants for the school. The admissions process has been much easier to track applicants and receive all of the potential student's information without so many emails and calls. It is an exciting time for the school as they add middle school grades in the fall of 2020.

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