A MailChimp Tip for Getting More Email Opens

This tip came from a client who accidentally came across this "hidden" setting.

I say hidden because it is only available on MailChimp's mobile app. (hmm why would they do that?)

After you send an email campaign and you see that a disappointing percentage of people that did not open your email you worked so hard on.

Here's how you can give a little nudge to those subscribers:

  1. Make sure you have the MailChimp mobile app
  2. Tap on the Reports Icon (far right bottom)
  3. Tap on the name of your email campaign
  4. Tap Resend to non-openers
MailChimp mobile app resend to non-openers email campaign

5. When you're ready, touch, and hold the button to confirm. If you want to make changes first, tap EDIT and RESEND.

confirmation button MailChimp Touch and hold to resend email campaign

It's that simple. Looking at a client's report for their last email campaign:

1st Email Campaign: 32.2% Opens / 3.5% Clicks

Re-Sent Campaign: 18.6% Opens / 1.2% Clicks

Not bad for a simple step that takes 2 seconds to complete.*




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